NPP’s Transformational Agenda For Zongo Communities Is Achievable – Sheikh Aremeyaw

Zongo communities

NPP’s transformational agenda for Zongo communities had not convinced many in the past but there seems to be a new mindset regarding this 2016 election promise.

Sheik Aremeyaw Shaibu, a prominent Muslim cleric, has indicated that he is persuaded now that the campaign promises made by the current President of Ghana H.E Akufo Addo is viable, possible and achievable as far as the plan to make Zongo communities better and transformed in the country is concerned.

The NPP vowed to create Zongos that all will love and appreciate and to change the perception about such communities as they are seen by most Ghanaians as places of chaos and poorly designed neighborhoods saddled with high unemployment levels and a den of criminals and high crime rates.

Sheik Shaibu had early on doubted about Nana Addo’s pledge in a separate interview with Citi News. He argues in the said interview that the NDC and the NPP had struggled to live up to own lofty promises whenever they were voted into power in previous elections.

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Nonetheless, Sheik says that he is now confident after Nana Addo developed the portfolio for the Zongos and towns.

During the interview, he revealed that “I think we have moved now beyond just a promise to the level of giving action to the point where it is put into effect because the first one was just a promise of a fund to be created, but the fact that a ministry has been created means that the Ministry will be given a mandate, and the Ministry will be given the resources to be able to implement that promise so it moves from just a mere promise to action.”

He is sure that the nominee Minister Boniface Abubakar Siddique will fulfill the promise and help realize the big dreams the president has for the Zongo communities. He also indicated that he knew the minister and was convinced that since he came out of the Zongo himself, he is mindful of the problems confronting the Zongos in Ghana.

He suggested that wider discussions should be held to decide on the best roadmap for the Zongo, as the challenges can be better dealt with using such approaches.

In his own words, he said “There must be broad consultations to determine what are the priority areas and the issue of sustainability are areas that we want to look at. My expectation is that this Ministry will facilitate accelerated development. The focus that I am expecting should be in the area of education.”

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