‘Rights Reporters Ghana’s remarkable achievement is a shining example of positive impact NGOs can make on society’-Joaquin Boston


The Chairman of Entreps: International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, Joaquin V. Boston, has praised the exceptional advocacy work of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana and its visionary founder Joseph Kobla Wemakor, which resulted in their announcement as winners of the prestigious 5th UN Global Entreps Awards, as a remarkable achievement that stands as a shining example of the positive impact NGOs can make on society.

He asserted that this ought to inspire others to imitate their actions in order to contribute to the development of a better world for all.

“HRRG’s remarkable achievement stands as a shining example of the positive impact NGOs can make on society and encourages others to follow suit in creating a better world for all”.

The Entreps Chairman recently made this claim in a news release, reinforcing the two winners’ outstanding contributions to society, which are currently making headlines all over the world.

The vibrant Ghanaian NGO, Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), received the prestigious award for its Nationwide Sensitization Campaign on Kidnapping, Teenage Pregnancy, and Tramadol/Drug Abuse (‘KTT Project’).

The project was recognized as the ‘Best International Practice Award on Sustainability’ among 1,912 projects and enterprises from 126 countries competing for their implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The organization’s dedication to promoting human rights awareness and protection has garnered commendation from various individuals, organizations, and institutions both within and outside Ghana.

The award ceremony, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, on July 15, 2023, was backed by Entreps-International Board of Global Actors and Business for Sustainability, with the support of 1,000 Global Jurors and in partnership with the UN75.

HRRG’s founder, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, who received the award, expressed gratitude for the prestigious honor, highlighting the importance of collective efforts in uprooting societal menaces. He noted that the organization remains steadfast in its mission to safeguard human rights and contribute to a safer and more progressive society.

“For HRRG to be acknowledged by the 1,000 Global Jurors of Entreps, Joaquin Boston, the Chairman of Entreps, and its Secretary-General, Raquel Torres, in collaboration with the United Nations as an awardee from Ghana, West Africa, to receive the revered global honor is a noteworthy accomplishment, confirming Ghana’s position in global sustainable practice and setting precedence for other NGOs and stakeholders in the region to emulate”.

“It feels amazing to see our work recognized globally. But the real victory is witnessing the change and progress these communities make as a result of our constant efforts.”

The UN Global Entreps Awards honor outstanding initiatives, policies, institutions, start-ups, and entities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The 5th edition of the Global Entreps Awards, launched in partnership with the United Nations to celebrate its 75th anniversary, showcases the organization’s commitment to sustainability and good governance.

According to Chairman Joaquin Boston, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana’s dedication to promoting human rights awareness and protection resonates perfectly with these goals, positioning Ghana as a global leader in sustainable practices.

“The recognition from the Global Entreps Awards marks a significant milestone for HRRG and Ghana as it demonstrates international support for their efforts in achieving sustainable change. This recognition is expected to inspire more stakeholders and governments to invest in preventive strategies and social initiatives to safeguard human rights and create a safer and more progressive society”.

“In Entreps -The International Board of Business for Sustainability, we support these types of practices that promote and reinforce the UN SDGs -Sustainable Development Goals-.

Additionally, we have had an agreement with the UN to promote together the SDGs, ever since January 2020.

We are pleased to find and recognize best practices—projects and initiatives—such as the one carried out by Human Rights Reporters Ghana and its founder, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, a brave project in such a challenging society; their actions defend the role of women, from childhood to adulthood, and seek to end bad habits and practices that denigrate a large part of their society.

We boost people as those who have carried out this project, for being deeply involved and dedicate a large part of their free time to changing – improving – the society to which they belong. Cheers to them”! Joaquín Boston posited.



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