NDC Parliamentary Caucus on the Nana Addo – Serwaa Broni Scandal

Serwaa Broni Scandal
The NDC Parliamentary Caucus in parliament has released a statement on the infamous and never-ending Nana Addo – Serwaa Broni Scandal which continues to draw more attention.
The NDC Parliamentary Caucus has disclosed that they are aware of very scandalous allegations made during an interview Mr. Ekow Kevin Taylor had with Madam Evelyn Serwaa Broni.
According to the NDC members of Parliament, if the information disclosed in the interview was held on 17th April turns out to be true, it will amount to an abuse of office by the president.
There seems to be no end in sight to the over two years Nana Addo – Serwaa-Broni Scandal which continues to linger on with damming revelations from the quarters of Serwaa Broni.
The minority have furthered that the allegations if proven true would also amount to a violation of human rights.
Below is the full statement by the NDC Parliamentary Caucus

NDC Parliamentary Caucus Statement on the Nana Addo – Serwaa Broni Scandal

The NDC Caucus in Parliament has become aware of very scandalous allegations contained in an interview granted Mr. Ekow Kevin Taylor by Madam Evelyn Serwaa Broni on Easter Sunday the 17th of April, 2022. These allegations, if proven to be true, raise grave charges of abuse of office, human right violations, and conduct which bring the high office of President of Ghana into disrepute.
The NDC Caucus has consequently requested and obtained a copy of the full interview in issue for further study, transcription and legal analysis. The caucus will very soon convey to Ghanaians the actions to be taken on the basis of the outcome of the ongoing legal analysis of the matter.
The caucus remains committed to holding public officers accountable to the high standards set by our constitution.
Haruna Iddrisu
Minority Leader
Parliament of Ghana

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