“Current voter’s register has non-Ghanaians, we need clean register” – Kufuor

“Current voter’s register has non-Ghanaians, we need clean register” – Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has seconded the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voter’s register ahead of this year’s election.

According to the former President of the Republic, the current register has names of persons who are not legally Ghanaians.

He furthered that the existing register has a lot of persons who registered with NHIS card and drivers’ licence even tho the Supreme Court has directed for such name to be deleted.

John Kufour is of the view that Ghana needs to get a clean registry for the successful conduct of the 2020 general elections coming December 7.

“We agree that some people are not Ghanaians but they are on the voter’s register. We should do it again because it is not good,” Kufuor said on Onua FM.

“There are so many people now on the voter’s register and I agree to the new voter’s register. If we get a clean register to vote, it will help.”

The Electoral Commission in recent months since it announces to compile a new voter’s register for the 2020 pools has been criticized by some Ghanaians particularly the opposition NDC party.

According to the opposition party, they believe the conduct of the new voter’s register is to rig the forthcoming elections for the ruling NPP government.

However, Agyekum Kufuor believes the compilation of a new register is necessary in order to ensure not eligible to vote to come December 7 are fished out.

“Some might have used dubious ways to get the ID. Some are not citizens but they have used means to get the ID and as such non-citizens have gotten the right to vote,” he added.

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The ex-President urged the NDC to stop protesting against the Commission but rather take the issue to court, insisting that it is the best way to get it solved.

Source: ElectionsinGhana

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