NDC, NPP deploy MACHO-MEN to registration centres in Ayawaso West


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The NDC parliamentary candidate for the Ayawaso West Wuogon, Mr. John Dumelo complained of unfair treatment and intimidation of people in the constituency by some macho men deployed to registration centers in his constituency to intimidate the qualified applicants. 

Information gathered shows an alleged slapping of an NDC agent by one of the machomen suspected to have been deployed the NPP

An eye witness who saw the event occur has indicated that 

I’m the one in the white and blue strips attire. I witnessed the incident. He slapped the NDC agent in front of a Police Officer whose rank per her uniform was an Inspector. We should all condemn violence regardless of the party involved.

According to Mr. John Dumelo, The NDC parliamentary candidate for the Ayawaso West Wuogon, this was the second time these hooded men have assaulted his agents on Legon campus in the just  week into the voter registration exercise. “Are you not tired of using violence all the time?” he quizzed


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The activities of the macho men at the registration centres are causing problems. One other person who went to the registration centre to register had this to say.

They just come and cause a commotion and end up wasting our time at the centres.I wasn’t able to register because of their confusion…. the policemen really need to be there to instill law and order. Those women they bring de3333. We will still vote JD

To match the move of the NPP boot for boot, Mr. John Dumelo has also been alleged to have deployed machomen to ensure members of the constituency are not intimidated by the thugs visiting the registration centres. 

In this light, the NPP Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer, Hon. Moses Abor, Vehemently Condemns Physical Attacks On Students Of the University Of Ghana Participating In The Ongoing Voter Card Registration Exercise By Thugs Of John Dumelo.


Politics the world over is a well-practiced system of democracy in which there is respect for rule of law and rights of all and sundry.

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It is imperative to reiterate to Mr. John DumeloNDC PC Ayawaso West Wuogon, that the Movie industry is vastly different from the tenets of Politics.

Unlike in Movies which are just pictorial imaginations of reality, Politics is a serious craft which is geared at changing lives and influencing society positively.

Mr. Dumelo, why are you seen in the media making unfounded allegations about the sitting Member of Parliament, Hon. Lydia Seyram Alhassanwhereas a fortnight ago your macho men and thugs sent by you in a Tundra Car with the registration number (VR 111-11) maliciously physically assaulted some loyalists of the MP and students of the University of Ghana who were participating in the ongoing voter registration exercise on campus.

The public needs to also know the whereabouts of your thugs and this tundra car with the registration number (VR 111-11) you used to perpetuate this disgraceful act.

Desperation and anxiety to defeat should not be a yardstick for indiscipline and misbehaviour.

As if the propaganda and aspersions you daily and deliberately smear against the image and integrity of the Hon. Member of Parliament is not enough, now you have resulted to mafia tactics and hooliganism.

Let’s continue to point it out clearly to you, that Ayawaso West Wuogon and Ghana at large have no space to tolerate this your substandard and immature style of politics. The people of Ayawaso West Wuogon and particularly the students of the University of Ghana deserve better not branded hooligans and lawless individuals.

Wake up from your slumber, you are not on stage or in front of a camera rehearsing a script, people’s lives do matter.


Source: Electionsinghana.com

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