Urgent! Support 7-year-old Ivan Selase to undergo orthopaedic surgery to correct leg deformity


At only seven years old, Ivan Selase Hatse is courageously battling a condition under circumstances that would be daunting for many adults. 

Living in Ho West District in the Volta Region of Ghana, Ivan is a Person Living with Physical Disability (PLWD) suffering from a leg deformity that needs corrective orthopaedic surgery.

Ivan’s case is an emblem of the countless struggles encountered by children with physical disabilities in underprivileged environments.

His leg deformity does not merely limit his movement but also hinders him from accessing education, social participation, and other opportunities that children of his age commonly enjoy.

His condition can only be remedied via orthopaedic surgery, which his family cannot afford without help.

Ivan unfortunately lost his dear mom barely a month ago. His father is currently on admission at the hospital, battling a mild stroke. All hope is lost as it stands; these sad developments compound his inability to go to school as expected of any normal child, which is even more worrying.

Orthopaedic surgery can correct deformities or disorders in the skeleton and its associated structures, thereby enabling sufferers like Ivan to lead a more normal life.

Orthopaedic treatment could significantly enhance Ivan’s quality of life, mobility, and future opportunities.

The cost, however, is a major obstacle. The expenses for such specialized procedures are substantial, not to mention the rehabilitation and aftercare that Ivan would need. Currently the cost of his medical surgery including other expenses are pegged at a staggering estimated sum of two hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GH₵200, 000) equivalent to $17,418.20.

Consequently, Mama Lynn Charity Foundation, the Human Rights Reporters Ghana-NGO, and Ivan’s family, including the local well-wishers, are now rallying support to facilitate his surgery.

They are reaching out to both individuals and organizations alike for donations and assistance. Their plight is not an isolated one – financial constraints regularly prevent vulnerable populations from accessing necessary medical interventions.

As their appeal echoes across the district and further into the country, it is becoming evident that the issue is reflective of a broader challenge. It underlines the need for comprehensive healthcare coverage that accounts for specialized treatments like orthopaedic surgery.

It also shines a light on the systemic issues of accessibility and affordability, especially for those in rural communities.

Throughout all this, Ivan remains hopeful. His spirit is unbroken, and his resolve is strong. However, to turn his hope into reality, it will require combined and concerted efforts from well-intentioned benefactors, healthcare institutions, and the government.

“By helping Ivan, we are not only transforming one life but potentially driving change that could improve health outcomes for similarly affected children throughout the Ho West District and beyond.

Let us stand in solidarity with Ivan and join the fight against healthcare inequality by contributing whatever we can and amplifying the call for assistance” says Mama Lynn Charity Foundation’s Founder, Madam Evelyn Agbese Wemegah.

“An opportunity to improve a child’s life sits before us. It is upon everyone in society to lend a hand where we can. Support for Ivan exemplifies the quintessential African philosophy of Ubuntu, showing that our humanity is interconnected.

Donating towards Ivan’s orthopaedic surgery is not just a charitable act, but an investment in a young boy’s future. Enabled to overcome his physical impediments, Ivan might grow up to be a contributor to his community and the nation at large.

His story reinforces the crucial need for a more inclusive, comprehensive, and accessible health care system that caters to all, irrespective of their socio-economic circumstances”, Joseph Kobla Wemakor, Executive Director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana has said.

“We are all duty-bound to ensure that Ivan Selase and his peers are not relegated to the margins due to conditions that can ideally be corrected.

No child should be left behind. As we strive to improve our societal infrastructure, let us not forget Ivan and others like him who can only dream of better days,” says a local sympathizer.

Any kind or monetary donation is appreciated. To help a good cause, please call +233 (0)548665114 or send an email to mamalynnfoundation@gmail.com.



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