Keeping the Country’s Currency Notes Clean

Keeping the Country's Currency


Since the adoption and introduction of the Cedis currency in July, 1965 the Ghanaian Government spends millions of US dollars every year on printing and replacing its worn out currency notes and coins. According to experts, Millions of US Dollars is spent yearly on printing these notes and this cost increases whenever the currency is printed in higher denominations. Interestingly, in the Business news of Thursday, 12th July, 2012, it was indicated that it took a cost of $35 Million Us Dollars for the Country to print the new GH₵50 notes.

Our currency, just like our National Flag, Coat of Arms, Anthem, National pledge, National Telephone code, Seals etc… form the emblems with which the country could easily be identified at all times and locations around the World. These emblems, when kept in good and easily identifiable conditions, speak volumes and make it possible for anyone who comes across them to have a fair idea of the Country’s good preservation culture therefore clearly justifying in an unequivocal dispensation the value placed on them.

Deplorably, there have been many instances when currency notes being given to us as change by either tror-tror Drivers, Mechanics or market women look so dilapidated that one will surely have the urge of rejecting them instantly.

Other times too, we see our currency notes excessively and wrongly folded, with contact numbers, calculations, oil spots, fish stiches, charcoal marks, deliberate cuts by beauticians and many other forms of damages which are results of serious ignorance on the parts of the trespassers. Further, most of these individuals comprise not only of market women and mechanics but also of some elitist barons of the country, who instead of championing the cause of properly handling the Cedis Notes, rather toss them anyhow in their pockets.

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The following suggestions could be observed in order to keep our currency notes clean:
1.) Being careful how one folds a currency note.
2.) Using a good wallet or purse which could keep Notes straight or with just a single fold.
3.) Banks and financial institution could launch “free wallet/purse” promotions to help champion the cause and also educate the General Public on the benefits of this laudable practice.
4.) As much as possible, avoid giving out a note with the same hand one is eating with.
5.) Never cut, tear, or punch holes in a currency note.
6.) Avoid washing notes left in pockets during clothes by carefully checking ones pockets thoroughly.
7.) The notes are not diaries, writing pads or contact holders. Resist the temptation of writing on them.
8.) Educating, students, children, market women, traders, beauticians, bar and shop owners, mechanics, labourers, everyone to value our currency notes and neatly keep them.
9.) Reporting any intentional damage to a note(s) one has witnessed to the Police for action to be taken against the culprit(s).
Be a good citizen by joining the move. Share to educate someone on this.

By: Officer Mensah Ebenezer Kweku a.k.a. (The Patriot)
(+233) 020-885-7080



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