Just In: 2020 Voters Register Data Break Down From EC

Voters Registration Electoral Commission

Provisional data released by the Electoral Commission of Ghana on the ongoing Voters Registration indicates that 11,629,480 Ghanaians were registered at the end of Phase 4 of the nationwide exercise.

The Geater Accra and Shanti region recorded the highest number of persons registered with 2,615,925 and 2,089,923 respectively.

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2020 Voters Register


Voters Registration -Electoral Commission

The total number of voters registered has 52.46% (6,100,510) being females and  47.54% (5,528,970) being females.

The Commission has registered 46,237 persons with disabilities which represent 0.40% of the total registered applicants.

EC - Electoral Commission


According to the EC, young and first-time voters under age 20 were captured in two groups. 18-year-old registrants captured on the new electoral roll add up to 480,851 (4.0%) whiles 419,530 (3.6%) of those registered are 19 years old.

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Electoral Commission

Out of the 480,851 who have turned 18 years and have been registered, 235,106 representing 48.89 are males whies the remaining 245,745 (51.11%) are females.

Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission in the 5th Phase of the nationwide exercise. The EC is expected to complete the registration process on the 6th of August 2020.


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