The Birth of Ghana -Down memory lane with pure rare history

The Birth of Ghana

The Birth of Ghana was marked officially with the obtaining and declaration of independence in 1957. On 6th March 1957, Ghana did not only emerge as the hope for Africa but was seen even in the Caribbean and the US as the first country in Sub Sahara to break and shatter the chains of Colonialism.

Today many hardly know or remember some rare historic events of “The Birth of Ghana” story. This content will take you down memory lane.

Ghana’s success gave hope to many movements who were fighting all forms of discrimination. Today with all the challenges Ghana faced in the past, Ghana continues to strive for the best as Ghana prepares for another important election come December 7, 2020.

Ghans’s 1957 success as an independent country electrified the Black world. Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s historic statement that “Ghana is Free Forever” has lived on because Ghana has not looked back nor being colonized since then and it will never happen again.

Ghana’s freedom and independence struggle which won on 6th March 1957 broke and quenched the harm the born of 1844 caused the then Gold Coast some 113 years (6th March 1844- 6th March 1957)

Being the first of Britain’s Black colonies to fly the colonial coop, Ghana became a great and respected symbol of racial confidence.

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Nkrumah’s believe that the “Black man is capable of managing his own affairs” was enough to exhilarate the road to new racial possibilities and self-belief mindset around the world.

Today, Ghana has come a long way and must be proud of its gains irrespective of the challenges and shortfalls of the past for it is only those who have a future story to tell that has a past to improve on THEN IT CAN BE CHALLENGED to build the future its aspires for itself.

The ideas of Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) become part of Ghana’s most important national symbol. The Marcus Mosiah’s black star found its way into the center of Ghana’s national flag to represent the freedom of Africa.

CLR James (1901-1989) and George Padmore (1902-1959) were behind the scene providing instrumental advice Ghana’s charismatic leader Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972). No wonder, after the birth of Ghana Padmore was one of Nkrumah’s advisors on African affairs.

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Unless you know the full meaning of Ghana’s victory and independence to civil rights movement across the world in Africa, Asia, and the US just a few to mention, you will not be able to tell the energy and spirit of self-belief that the Nkrumah led independence declaration brought to many who were oppressed by colonial masters ad governments of the time.

In the United States, Ghana’s historic independence boosted the stride of the fledgling movements led by Martin Luther King Junior. No wonder he shared in Ghana’s joy and visited Ghana along with Congressman Adam Clayton Powell.

The Birth of Ghana – Lord Kitchener

Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s rise to the thrown as the Prime minister on 6th March 1957 would always be remembered alongside Lord Kitchener’s song titled “The Birth of Ghana” one of Dr. Nkrumah’s favourite song.

The Birth of Ghana SONG by Lord Kitchener


What is The Birth of Ghana lyrics by Lord Kitchener

This day will never be forgotten The sixth day of March 1957 When the Gold Coast successfully got their independence officially


Ghana, Ghana is the name Ghana we wish to proclaim We will be jolly, merry and gay The sixth day of March, Independence Day.

Dr Nkrumah went out of his way To make the Gold Coast what it is today He endeavoured continually To bring us freedom and liberty.

The doctor began as an agitator He became a popular leader He continued to go further And now he is Ghana’s prime minister.

The national flag is a lovely scene With beautiful colours red, gold and green And a black star in the centre Representing the freedom of Africa.

Congratulations from Haile Selassie Was proudly received by everybody He particularly comment On the Doctor’s move to self-government.




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