Electoral Commission “SACKS” 2 officers for VOTER REGISTRATION misconduct

Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has dropped its axe on two officers who were employed as temporal staff for the ongoing voter registration exercise. 

The two were suspected were arrested by the Ghana Police Service in the Savannah Region for registering voter registration applicants in a house with a machine that had been freed to be repaired.

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According to the commission, the officials were nabbed for engaging in illegal registration of some residents in Tamale.

The EC has also relieved the two officers of their posts assigned them by the commission as their conduct shows they are not fit for purpose.

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It also gave the assurance that it will not in any way condone and shield its staff for any wrongdoing.

The two suspects are under the police in custody ahead of investigations into their bahaviour and action.

The easy aims at ensuring the electoral processes and decisions it takes are in the best interest of the country. It also aims at building a trust worth electoral commission that hinges on transparency, fairness, and integrity which will boost the confidence of all stakeholders. 



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