2020 Election Voting Process from start to finish – Presidential and parliamentary

2020 Election Voting

The 2020 Election Voting Process from start to finish is a must-know for first-time voters and all who have voted before in Ghana.

When Ghanaians go out on Monday 7th December to vote, voters will have to cast their votes in both the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The 2020 Election Voting Process is as follows :

1. All registered voters must go to the polling station with their voter ID cards between 7 am and 5 pm. Thus you must be in the queue at 5 pm to be allowed to vote.

2. When it is your turn to exercise your right to vote, go through the biometric identification process by placing your finger on a biometric verification device.

3. Once you have been verified, a spot of permanent ink will be used to mark your finger to show you have been verified.

4. Collect the presidential ballot, ensure it is stamped and has a serial number. Look behind to check if it is stamped with the ECs verification stamp.

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5. Go to the booth to mark or thump print for your preferred presidential candidate.

6. Before folding the ballot paper, clean the ink on your thumb very well with tissue severally to make sure the ink on the thumb is wiped off. If you notice the ink has marked another section of the ballot paper in addition to what your marked, go to the election officers and report it for a replacement.

7. Cast your vote by putting your ballot paper in the transparent ballot box. Ensure the EC verification stamp is behind the ballot paper.

8.Go back to the election officer and receive your ballot paper for parliamentary voting.

9. Vote for your preferred candidate only just as you did in the presidential voting.

10. After voting, kindly leave the polling station quietly.



Source: Electionsinghana.com

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