2022 BECE graduates should get ready for shocking BECE results

2022 BECE graduates should get ready for shocking BECE results Term 1 Week 8 Lesson Plans for KG1-Basic 9

2022 BECE graduates should get ready for shocking results as the West African Examination Council (WAEC) releases the results tomorrow 25th January 2023.

Since December 2022, students have been complaining about the delayed results. Some have been stressed for a long, however the reality is that not all of them will pass the exam.

Many of the students will be disappointed with the results and may call for remarking, just as their colleagues in 2021 did. The fact is this. Many candidates go into the BECE without mastering how to answer questions.

When you compare the kind of answers they provide and the way they write them to the hope and projected grades they want to obtain, you will realize that these candidates do not deserve the so-called good grades they want.

In the past, we have seen students cry like babies after checking their results at their respective cafés.

We have seen parents challenge the results of their wards and say that the results uploaded for their ward is not what the students merit.

While some of these assertions may be accurate, many more parents do not sincerely know the academic strength of their wards.

Most schools also hide the real academic picture of students from parents by giving cooked results or give reports that paint students to be very brilliant than they are naturally.

When the 2022 BECE results are released, parents and students will know their smoothness level.

The results you will see when you check it is very a true reflection of the answers you provided in the examination. Students who are very anxious and tense now are advised to cool down.

Parents, guardians, and elder siblings must start counselling their wards from now as the countdown begins. These are not easy moments for these students.

2022 BECE graduates should get ready for shocking BECE results. But before then, take things easy, and keep your emotions and expectations under check.

Take a pen and a piece of paper and list all the 9 subjects you wrote. Write the worst grades you expect to score for each subject.

After writing them, do a minus 2 calculation to arrive at the more likely results for the exam. Where the grade for a subject in the worst scenario is 1, leave it as it is. Where the grade is 2 subtract 1 instead of 2.

Determine the grade and aggregate and say a word of prayer.

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The above exercise has been illustrated below for a student called Kosi Kwame.

This may be simple but is effective for students who really know themselves and have sincerely stated their worst grade expected per subject.

Kosi Kwame’s worse Grades

English Language = 3

Social Studies = 4

Integrated Science =3

Mathematics =3

RME =2

ICT = 3

BDT = 4

Gh. Language = 5

French = 5

The worse Aggregate for Kosi Kwame. is = 18


Kosi Kwame’s Likely Best Grade

English Language = 3-2 =1

Social Studies = 4-2 = 2

Integrated Science =3 -2 =1

Mathematics =3 -2 =1

RME =2 -1 = 1

ICT = 3-2 =1

BDT = 4-2 =2

Gh. Language = 5 -2 =3

French = 5-2 =3

The best aggregate for Kosi Kwame based on his worst grades is = 7

So we can say that based on this simple approach, Kosi Kwame’s 2022 BECE aggregate will be between Aggregate 7 and 18

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