Africa Needs Selfless Leaders with Strategic thinking in Politics 

Africa needs selfless leaders

Leadership has become the single most important resource of organizations as they inspire the road map to success, migrate the mindset of followers and lead them towards achieving goals that transform the fortunes of their organization and give hope to the future of the institution as well.

In politics, heads of states and governments thus presidents and their elected and appointed ministers including those who are appointed by the government to head various government institutions are leaders who must deliver on the job to contribute to the overall success of the country.

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Africa’s Current Leadership Challenges

However, African countries though blessed with abundant human and natural resources are among the world’s poorest people, the world’s countries that are poorly managed, and the leading most corrupt nations on earth.

The repercussions of these are visible in failing systems in health, education and, transportation among others. 

Africa needs selfless leaders in politics to change the fortunes of the continent one nation at a time.

President Trump of the US is said to have indicated that unless African leaders who he described as being brigands are taken out of power, Africa will continue to be miserable. 

The lack of self-belief, the lack of strategic thinking and planning that spans beyond 10 years is one of the challenges of Africa. African leaders are always looking at the next election instead of the next generation.

Leadership that looks at short term success thinks with short term memory and seeks only success that has little or no impact. Africa needs selfless leaders who are true visionaries like Haile Selassie, Kwame Nkrumah, King Sobhuza II, Julius Nyerere, Ahmed Sékou Touré,  Thomas Sankara and Muammar Gaddafi today. 

Africa does not need leaders who are looking at the next election. Africa needs problem solvers who will leave lasting legacies we can all be proud of.

Very often with the intention to win the next election in mind, many of today’s political leaders do not sincerely deal with the problems that confront their countries for good. 

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Mind Set for African Leaders and People

It is time for Africa to be led by individuals who are not limited in their thoughts. In the 21st century, Africa is still struggling to make a meaningful continuous impact and has become a symbol of poverty and a continent that lacks direction in many shares. 

Both African leaders and their people seem to believe that, the Western and the Eastern countries are better off and are their partners in development and so run to these countries a cup in hand.

This must stop. The call for a Ghana Beyond Aid by the president of Ghana H.E Nana Addo is timely but how many African leaders will embrace this and walk the talk? 

The mental inferiority of African leaders and our unwillingness to think big, plan big and dare to use our resources to develop our nation and people is laughable.

Can Africans do anything for themselves without the west helping in any way? Yes!  it is possible. 

Corruption and how it is treated by politicians

If Africa is to become the next most vibrant continent in the world the calls the shots, both leaders and Africa’s people must do away with corruption in all forms.

Corruption in the west (And China) is a big abomination, but in Africa, it is a lucrative business that flourishes in government, and in workplaces and everyone sees it as normal.

The ordinary people give such corrupted persons big positions and places in public gatherings just because of the cramps of their stolen resources they will gift at such functions. Why won’t they steal more of what belongs to us all?

Put in place the best corporate governance policies in government and government agencies. Our quest to continue to be tagged as lazy people with emotional incompetence must be fought with good realities decisions, programs and policies free from politics and allow nationalism, and patriotic attitudes and genuine will power to lead our decisions.

Those in power who are siphoning the resources meant for the development of and benefit of citizens of their various countries must be fished out and put before the law, tried and jailed if found guilty to deter like-minded politicians.

It is sad to note that, African Political leaders are hypocrites who cover up the corruption activities of their party faithful. 

The desire to prosecute party members put in charge of resources of their nations is not seen in Africa, this is enough ground for politicians to steal.

The worse punishment given such persons is to either change their position or ask them to proceed on leave and that ends the story.

However,  common thieves who steal goods worth about $5 could end up in jail or be on remand for months or years.

It is evident and factual that in Africa “Big Thieves” with political colours are free men on the street riding in the best of cars.  

The youth of Africa are haven their dreams of a better life, a better Africa and a better tomorrow shattered.

Leaders in Africa are using means of denying them a better future and giving back to the people social goods and services for free or at a subsidized price with strings attached. 

Many forebearers of African countries sacrificed their blood and toil to gain independence for us yet, we have failed to rule ourselves properly.

Trump is quoted to have said, African is a very untreatable disease that can not be delivered with prayer. Africa must have a change of mindset.

African political leaders needs

African political leaders need leadership education, rigorous training on strategic leadership and many more to better understand that Africa’s problem is not the people alone but they those in leadership as well.

Africa needs a conscious effort to bring attitudinal change, change in thought and direction for Africa to reshape the destiny of the most blessed continent in the world. 

If we are to become a global brand as a continent, then Africa needs selfless leaders with the desire to lead the creation of that brand.

Let us stop the useless wars and conflicts based on selfish self-interest, deal with runaway corruption leaders, the dreadful terrorism and our tribalistic approach to things.

Poverty which is a disease must be cured if we can deal with unemployment by empowering Africans with relevant training and skills to make them self reliant

Health is critical, let us deal with diseases and improve the quality of health centers and service quality in our hospitals so that African leaders will stop going outside their countries to seek health care.

Such acts are clear indications that we do not trust the systems we ourselves as leaders have put in place for our people.

Conflicts in several parts of Africa need to be solved since no meaningful development can be achieved in the midst of conflict.

Let us use education and training to fight illiteracy, ignorance, and inequality in all areas, and save our continent from the verge of collapse.

Africa needs selfless leaders with the desire to change the African picture out there, every head of state in Africa must be dedicated to the good and well being of the people sincerely to make the right decisions.

Africa must rise, Africa must shine and Africa must wake up, we have been sleeping for far too long. 



By Wisdom Hammond|| Budding Leadership Expert | Public Speaker

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